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Challenge #3


Challenge #3

10 things to do with single sock


Thins you will need :

A lot a single socks

What to do:

1 Tell a story inspired by single socks example:

Sue the Sleuth Squirrel

In the city of San Francisco, Sue the Sleuth Squirrel searches for Sinners of San for Sue is San Francisco’s Super Sleuth.

        On a soot stained night, in the soggy streets of San Francisco, a slimy soul slips through the streets searching for sock, but only single sock.

At Socko’s Sock Store, Socko the sock-selling skunk is startled. It seem Socko’s sock supply has sunk to a singe sock for every single pair. Someone has stolen Socko’s socks and Sue the Sleuth Squirrel is on the case.

Sue is told Socko’s slogan on the socks are SOCKO’S STENCHLESS SOCKS. When Sue circum searches the streets, she spies a slime spoor going south. Sue follows the slime the Snot’s Slime Store. In Snots sock store she sees Snot the Snail is wearing a single a single silver sock. Sue ask Sue asks if Snot stole that sock from Socko’s Sock Store, but Snot says that she got that sock from Sammy’s Single Sock Store on St. Steven’s Street.

Sue the Sleuth Squirrel strolls to Sammy’s Single Sock Store. In the store Sue sees single sock everywhere. When Sue scrutinizes she sees Sock’s stenchless slogan, Sammy stole Socko’s socks she suspects.

Sue asks Sammy if he stole Socko’s socks, but when she asks she Sammy screams “Yesssssssss, but you musssssssst sssssssseize me firsssssssst.”

Sammy slithers away very slowly so Sue snatches Sammy swiftly.

“Sammy you single sock stealer Sinner of San, you will solemnly sit in the scary corner of scrouples for 77 centeries for steeling is a serious crime!” says Sue.

In the City of San Francisco, Sue the Sleuth Squirrel searches for Sinners of San, for Sue is San Francisco’s Super Sleuth.


2 Sock monsters

With your single sock, draw a monster on your sock instead of a nice caring character.

3 lose the other one

lose the other sock than you have a pair of lost socks.

4 Bird feeder

Thoroughly cleen the sock put some bird seed in it than put it out side and let the birds come … slowly

5 a strange pair of socks

get two colour coordinated sock and pair them up and you got some strange pair of socks there.

6 mittens(Only recommended for people with warm phalanges)

Again get to colour coordinated sock. Pock 5 hole in the top of the socks and you have a sock good for the warm phalanged.

7 dog ball

put a ball in the sock, take your dog to play fetch and whip the sock from the end without the ball in it.

8 Snake warmer

put your single sock on your snake

9 Start a single sock store

People could buy single sock for there single socks

10 neck warmer

put rice in one of your single socks than with another one of your single sock layer it and layer it again than warm it up in the micro wave. You now have a nice neck warmer.


  1. I was going to do sock store but then I read yours literally seconds after I thought that

  2. Very creative Tosh! This made me laugh out loud! I like idea #7 for my dogs Emma and Holly. For me, I love idea #10! It reminds me of a magicbag. Great ideas Tosh!

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