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No Sleep Will Ruin Your Life

            People don’t sleep enough and when people don’t sleep enough they are literally killing their body. Well when I chose life I chose sleep.

Not enough sleep weakens your immune system, which make you more prone to viruses and cold. This can also affects your physically and mentally. When you are tire you feel lazy and don’t want to do anything and your mind is out of order, you can’t think straight and have migraines.

A lack of sleep is a lack of brain function. When you don’t sleep enough you won’t enter the five stages of sleep and when you don’t enter the five stages you don’t get a proper sleep. REM (rapid eye movement) is the stage of sleep when you dream and studies have shown that when not entered, people have troubles with remembering thing. When you can’t remember things you have troubles with your work because you can’t remember what to do. Also not sleeping makes you not able to focus from exhaustion, and then you can’t learn. Sleep affects your knowledge.

We all get moody from time to time lack of sleep will also affect your mood. When people don’t get enough sleep they act grumpy, angry, and complain about almost everything. This is because of sleep deprivation. Think of how many times this has happened to a friend or family member and how moody they were. Did they ever complain about not enough sleep, well this can be solved with more sleep.

A reason you might not be getting enough sleep might be because you stay up late to get work done. Well if you don’t sleep enough, than your brain doesn’t work well than you can’t get work done at your work place than you end up doing it home and staying up late again and the cycle continues.

Sleep affects your health, mind, and your emotions. Don’t let lack of sleep get to you.

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