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Challenge #4


Challenge #4

This of coarse is a picture of a piano that to me look very emotional and emotion is what makes music.

this photo is from

I am a piano player going for my grade 8 exam this year and for any artist, poet, musician or any thing artsy I think it is so important to display the emotions inside of you and do not keep them bottled.


  1. It is indeed nice knowing how to play piano
    But when ever I play piano I try to put many of my own dynamics in the song. I love to improvise on the piano this is where you can express your self the most with deciding if it is going to be major, minor dynamics and ect.. also on already writen out music you are supposed to play the writen dynamics.

  2. Hello Tosh my name is Emily and I am in Mr.Miller’s class and I found your post on Edublog Challenge recommendations page this week. I have always wanted to play the piano but I never had the time for this. Is it nice knowing how to play the piano?

  3. Hello Tosh, my name is Olivia. I am apart of the Challenges also I was wondering if you would like my blog. I really enjoy yours, is you favorite color green. If you want to this is my blog.

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